Separation Anxiety in Dogs

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Puppies are not born with separation anxiety, owners / handlers create it. When you provide a puppy or dog with too much attention and affection it can become dependent as opposed to independent.

Dependent puppies and dogs will be most likely to bark, cry, chew everything and be a general nuisance and these puppies and dogs may develop separation anxiety.

Now I’m not saying that independent puppies and dogs don’t exhibit bad behaviour because they do, but it doesn’t mean that the label of separation anxiety applies.

An independent puppy / dog that is jumping and scratching at your doors, and has a grin from ear to ear and is wagging its tail does not have separation anxiety. It’s saying “hello two legged servant, four legged master wants to come inside!”

Together with my team we believe Prevention is better than cure, correctly train your puppy from an early age and life will be sweet!