Abby, Hadfield

I had my puppy, a female beaglier Abby, for about 6 weeks before I decided that I needed my sanity back, and fast!

Having had dogs previously, but not puppies, I underestimated how hard a puppy was going to be. The biting, jumping, toilet training just to name a few traits were things that were challenging me and as the weeks went on, became harder to deal with.

After googling puppy trainers, I was impressed with the Ian The Dog Trainer site and information. I booked them in and instantly felt better, that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

Tom came out for a 2 hour in home training session, and after having been a little dubious about whether Abby was actually “trainable”, I can honestly say I was more than pleasantly surprised.

We went through a history of her behaviour then worked out the most important traits I wanted to improve. Tom fully explained and demonstrated each training method with me, and within minutes Abby was sitting patiently waiting for commands.

Tom demonstrated the very practical methods of discouraging Abby’s jumping up and biting, as well as hints to improve and prevent the numerous accidents inside my house. I was more than impressed with Tom’s knowledge of not only dog training, the dog breed, but of the practical application of each technique.

Since the lesson, I have continued to follow these steps and I can honestly say Abby has improved beyond what I had hoped for.

I can stop buying so many paper towels for those accidents now!

I am finally enjoying her company as she is more calm and relaxed. She still tries to push the boundaries on occasions, but I am confident that we won’t be going back to those early days.

I fully recommend Tom to help with whatever training you need for your puppy/dog – nothing beats restored sanity and a good relationship with your puppy!