Alfie, Prahran

Hi Ian,

We just wanted to write to you to say THANK YOU for your help with Alfie and our new baby, Harry.

We were very nervous, worried and upset about Alfie misbehaving and being too interested in Harry when he was born. It was very tense and we could not see how our new little family was going to work in harmony!

From that one session, Jack & I have been able to be on the same page with simple rules and we could never have imagined that Alfie would respond immediately after your visit. He is calm, respectful of Harry's space, keeps clear of his toys, and only needs to wear his training collar every now-and-again when he gets overexcited.

Alfie is enjoying many long walks alongside the pram, and is very relaxed when we are all on the couch.

Thank you for helping us and helping us enjoy our now more well behaved dog!

Hope you are well,

Jack, Lucy, Harry & Alfie