Archie, Caulfield

Would you like to have a loving companion who:

  1. will love you and your children being a respectful member of your family
  2. will be completely obedient yet retain character and a fun loving personality
  3. will never run on the road
  4. will stop and sit at every street corner and not cross until instructed to do so
  5. will sit and stay as you instruct
  6. will respect and never chew your belongings
  7. will never jump on furniture or your bed unless invited to do so
  8. will never destroy your garden, doesn't dig and cares for your home
  9. will not bark being content and well balanced
  10. will be protective of your family and home
  11. will be friendly respectful and never jump on your friends...

We do. His name is Archie and we owe all this to a the real "dog whisperer" - Ian Bradnock.


Karen & Trevor Korn