Atticus, Richmond

We got our (adorable) dog Atticus in January 2010. We never considered we would need any help training him - Ha! Atticus was jumping, nipping, chewing things and doing his business in the house.

We needed a solution, so we asked a lady at our dog park who had a very well behaved labrador. She suggested Ian. While talking to her, the lady next to us interrupted and said; "Oh are you talking about Ian?" That was all we needed. That day we looked Ian up and booked an appointment.

Ian totally changed the way we were training Atticus. His technique is to train the owners, so you can train your dog. We saw a marked improvement in Atticus' behaviour instantly. Atticus still tried pushing the boundaries, but we now had real tools to fix the problems.

Ian is an honest guy with common sense solutions for teaching your dog manners. We happily recommend Ian when people comment on how well behaved Atticus is now.

Megan, Richmond.