Bear & Merlin, St. Kilda

We were lucky enough to find Ian's card at our local vet. We have 2 gorgeous, but stubborn, Akitas - the eldest easily excited & a terrible walker, constantly pulling on the lead. After one lesson, she became a model walker.  

Ian was able to provide us with the tools which allowed us to take control, which ensured our dogs were far happier and more balanced.

We recently used Ian's services again to curb barking issues as we had moved into a new home surrounded by new sounds, birds and lots of neighboring dogs.  One visit was all it took.  A contented bark free environment and very happy owners!

We have used trainers before with limited results and after having read so many negative accounts regarding trainers we were delighted with the instant impact and results achieved with Ian. 

Ian treats every dog as an Individual case and tailors his training to suit.

We highly recommend Ian to anyone who is having an issue with their dog, no matter how big or small.  We only wish we had found him when our dogs were younger - it would have saved us so much grief!