Buddy, Melbourne

Ian came over today and since the moment that we met him he has taught us how to train our adolescent Cavachon puppy, "Buddy". He is a fantastic trainer and has an overall positive approach.

His confidence and knowledge is fantastic and has also allowed our beloved Buddy to be calm and collected throughout his training. Ian is well aware of how to train unlike "most" puppy training.

schools out there which only teach us (pet owners) to earn our dogs love with doggy treats and not with respect and training. This is why Ian provides tips/pointers, answers to all the families questions and actually listens to the problem to begin with. Being an actual "dog lover", Ian demonstrates exactly how we as pet owners should treat our beloved best friends.... 

I would recommend Ian's service to anybody and everybody that would like to communicate, love and discipline there best friends in order to get more balance and harmony within there family.

Ray Akbulut