Calvin, Ivanhoe

Ian the Dog Trainer came highly recommended from friends who have engaged his services previously (all with happy, well behaved dogs) hence I met with Ian the moment I took possession of my new 8 week old baby Cavocker puppy – Calvin.  Within a couple of hours Ian imparted invaluable advice and strategies to support me to understand and undertake, with confidence, the best training approach/techniques for my puppy, tailored around my personal/professional needs and my home/family environment.

With the objective of creating the best opportunity for Calvin to grow up to be a well-balanced, well behaved, happy and independent dog facilitating happiness and enjoyment for the family and puppy alike, Ian specifically listened to my needs, considered the breed of my puppy (very informed on all breeds), and his unique personality and focussed on the outcomes I was hoping to achieve and thereafter provided constructive advice and guidance with hands-on training in a concise and caring manner with instant results.  I was amazed at how positively and quickly Calvin responded to very simple techniques.  In fact….some of the instant commands that Calvin responded to left me rather amazed and when Ian left I felt enormous comfort to move forward and have had continue success with my puppy training – mindful that consistency and persistence is key!  Thanks Ian.


Tracey J