Oscar, Endeavour Hills

I came across Ian because I needed help with Oscar, my 18mth old male Cocker Spaniel. Before Ian came into our lives, Oscar was a hyperactive class A manipulator with a penchant for digging, barking, begging, destruction, jumping on people, whining, pulling at the lead- the list goes on!

My partner didn't want to move in with me if Oscar was part of the deal. I was stressed out and torn and Things Needed To Change.

I knew that bringing a dog into your life is a major lifelong responsibility, so I had done all the 'right' things people tell you to do like read dog training books, take him to puppy school, exercise the bejeezus out of him etc... so I couldn't understand why I still had such a manic animal! Well, now I do.

After just one session with Ian and employing some basic principles which are almost laughably simple, Oscar now: - listens attentively when his name is spoken - stops undesirable behaviour when I say the magic 'ah ah' - sits on command - walks on a loose leash staying right next to me - no longer jumps on me demanding affection - stays put instead of pacing around being a nuisance - wants to please me - sleeps more and I'm no longer: - yelling - feeling frustrated - feeling anxious - at my wits end My partner is a whole lot happier too and Oscar is getting better and better with every consistent repetition of training.

I can't recommend Ian highly enough- he'll cut through all the confusion and give you the tools you need to have the enjoyable relationship with your dog you only ever dreamed of. Give him a call, you won't look back!