Taffy & Milo - Endeavour Hills

Ian came out to help me with my two 3 year old Spoodles who were fighting with each other, having previously gotten along fine.

When he told me on the phone he could fix the problem in one visit he wasn't kidding!

Not only has there been not a single fight since he came (previously half a dozen times a day), but my dogs are completely transformed into perfect angels!

After just 2 hours with my dogs, i no longer feel like they are reindeer pulling a sleigh when we walk, and can instead hold the leash with just my little finger!  They are completely focused on me, not even stopping to sniff something, obediently matching my pace as we go. 

Not only that, but in literally 1 minute, he taught them not to jump up on people, and they haven't dared try it since!   This is not the sort of training that works well when the expert is there but falls apart when they leave.

His techniques are so simple that anyone can do them, and they apply to so many aspects of discipline, which gives you the tools for training if new problems were to arise in the future.

Don't waste your time researching on the internet, reading doggie training books, or puppy school.  Ian is exactly what you need, and is worth every cent.  Best money i have ever spent.