Gordon, Caulfield South

Hi Ian,

Jeremy & I were so impressed with Dale's assistance yesterday.  He was invaluable with his wealth of useful information about how to help our new puppy Gordon adapt to our family.

It is extremely important for us to understand how we can try and be the best puppy parents we can be, so we appreciate practical and well considered advice.  We had lots of questions for Dale and he answered them all and gave us many helpful tips abvout how to make Gordon more comfortable outside.

Both Jeremy and I were grateful for the safety advice in particular.  We each had misgivings about the doggy park dynamics but we had thought we were being overly protective in thinking Gordon may not be safe there.  We had no idea that some dogs get killed in these environments - this is tragic!

Anyway, what an excellent service you, Dale and your Company are providing for the community and their families.

Thank you so much!

Kindest regards, Sarah-Jane Feiglin