Mallee, Footscray

I heard about Ian at the dog park about the time I was becoming frustrated by my young heeler x kelpie’s lack of obedience. So I rang him. The concepts Ian explained in our first lesson made so much sense it was easy to give up the endless ball tossing, out-of-control dogs (and owners), and a hyped dog for lovely walks, calm behaviour inside (and out) and a real relationship with Mallee.

I had always thought working dog equated to as much exercise as possible. Then Ian mentioned that one of his best dogs lived on the 20th floor of an apartment in the city and just happened to be a border collie. He explained that I had a working dog breed, not a working dog, and all I was doing was revving her up without a hope of fully releasing all of her energy.

I needed to learn how to exercise her brain! In my experience, Ian’s approach has immediate results. Best of all, he helped me understand life from my dog’s perspective. By explaining how I could adapt my behaviour and approach, Ian enabled Mallee to respond positively because she understands what I am asking and I am learning to be consistent in maintaining our ‘pack’ structure in all its aspects. He also gives you plenty of insight, information and homework to follow up successfully.

Needless to say, I haven’t been back to the dog park and Mallee and I are much happier, more relaxed and enjoying each other’s companionship more than I ever thought possible. Thanks to Ian I’m looking forward to the next 15 years!

Marty & Mallee