Matilda, Richmond

Ian The Dog Trainer has been with us since we first thought of getting a dog. We were confused with what type of breed to get (my husband has allergies) and if our home was suitable for a dog. We went to several different pet shops and Dr. Doolittles recommended that we call Ian The Dog Trainer for a consultation.

Ian The Dog Trainer came to our home and answered all our questions. We had certain issues that we had to abide to, namely we live in rental property we have to have a well behaved dog. He assured us that with proper training we could obtain that goal. He has been right. We are proud owners of a spoodle. With Ian's help we have a wonderfully trained pet.

Ian met us the first night we brought Matilda home. He has shown us how to care and maintain our dog. Ian has even put up with our calls for help at night when our puppy got unruly. She got unruly because her owner (Sue) was not following training instructions, with Ian's help Matilda got back on the straight and narrow within days. We appreciate Ian's expertise in dog training and find Ian's methods easy to follow.

We would recommend Ian The Dog Trainer to anyone. It's a wonderful service that has taught us how to be a proper pet owner. We couldn't be happier with the results.

D. & S. M.
Richmond VIC