Max, Toorak

I have known Ian since he came to see us in June prior to us purchasing our dog, Max. The initial contacts with Ian were to help us plan the environment in which Max would live in. We had certain specifications, which were that Max was to be outside and only to come inside once he was fully trained. Ian helped us in setup his sleeping, eating and drinking areas.

In August when Max was 8 weeks old, Ian was kind enough to come out and help us select the right puppy from the litter. He came out to the breeder's home. Ian has certainly helped us make an excellent choice, as Max is a fantastic and delightful dog.

When we picked up Max, Ian was there to meet us at home to initially start the training. This involved Max acclimatizing to his new environment, which included his new sleeping quarters and eating arrangements. We were expecting a very noisy and disruptive first few nights but Max did not cry once and was extremely happy and contented and had been running up our back stairs from the word go. We were extremely impressed just with the initial training regime.

Since that time we have had four lessons on a monthly basis. Ian has been fantastic. He has always been courteous, punctual and reliable. The lessons have now culminated in Max being 5 months old and being able to walk, sit, drop and stay. He comes on command. One of the problems that we had with Max was that he would like to jump up on everybody out of excitement, but this has also been sorted out. We have been so impressed that we have recommended Ian to friends who have already got mature dogs and also friends who are purchasing puppies.

Ian is now more of a friend than our dog's trainer. We would recommend him time and time again and would regard him as an expert in this area.

Dr. J. T.
East Melbourne VIC