Molly, Glenroy

Ian was highly recommended to me by a friend, after witnessing my nine month old Staffy, Molly, playing havoc around the house and yard. During our first meeting we sat and discussed what had taken place over the past five months, with Ian calmly watching Molly's behaviour (and my reactions to same), totally ignoring her antics. A training plan was laid out, numerous toys removed, her sleeping area reviewed, and then we went for a walk. Within 15 minutes on the lead, Molly was learning to 'heel' and happily walk by my side, not pulling to the left, right and in front. Over the next few weeks, she quickly learnt to sit, drop, stay, to calmly walk past other dogs (exercises not achieved even after four months of group training), to not be terrified of children with schoolbags, and we worked together on reducing the separation anxiety by setting up her own environment in the backyard and zones within the house.

In a short space of time, the difference in behaviour in Molly was just fantastic! As the primary carer I too was being trained in how to handle Molly and to take charge. Ian is always contactable, when brief lapses occur or a question needs to be asked and he takes a strong interest in the wellbeing of the dog. Ian, the dog trainer - please add 'lifesaver' in brackets as I don't know how Molly and I would have survived without his expert knowledge of how a dog thinks and behaves, his kind yet firm authority with both the animal and the owner. Molly still receives compliments on how well trained she is when we are out and about. Always indebted.

Linda Cox & Molly