Mr Riggs, Glen Iris

After finally yielding to an 11 year long campaign spear headed by our 3 children, we took delivery of an 8 week old Spanador.

Once it was known we were about to add a dog to our household, multiple friends (also recently defeated) advised "You've got to get Ian out".  

We wanted a well behaved family dog who would provide great company, behave and most importantly no destroy our house.  Ian came and immediately demonstrated how you can adjust the unruly behaviour of an unruly puppy.

To be fair, I think we were also reprogrammed, but Ian left us with a sense of confidence and a new set of simple to follow rules.

We were so happy with the results, we have just Ian out to undertake stage 2 with a 7 month old Mr Riggs.

While he had the basics covered, he was now old enough to understand obedience.  Ian again demonstrated how to control Mr Riggs with another set of rules for the "teenager".  The dog was so compliant, at once stage we asked Ian if he ever took his magic show to Las Vegas..... Thankfully Ian was happy to share his secrets and within 2 hours, we now have a dog who will not pull on the lead, will sit when we stop walking and will not bark in protest when tethered.

A dog is a 13-15 year investment.  Engaging Ian to get the best out of our 15 year investment is one of the smartest things we have ever done.  The key rules are simple and easy to remember and we suspect we may have also received some subconscious training.