Rocky, Toorak

When we finally decided to get a dog over 12 months ago, we were terrified.  We thought managing three small children was difficult enough, but we wanted a dog that the kids could grow up with. We had absolutely no idea how to manage or care for a dog.  Ian was recommended to us by my sister who had engaged Ian when she first got a dog several years earlier. She told us that Ian was the man to call and that everybody she knew had also used Ian and that he was THE GUY!!

Ian was brilliant. 

He knew exactly what to do in every situation, from Rocky's first trip in the car with us from the airport, to how to get him to stay in his bed whilst we ate our evening meal. Within just a few visits we were taught the general skills which enabled us to manage Rocky's toileting, feeding and walking.  Ian's way with dogs is remarkable.  He is calm, confident and disciplined, and Rocky still adores him!!  After Rocky had been with us for about 6 months, we started to fall into a few bad habits at home.  We called Ian, and within one visit we were back on track again.  What we soon realised was that it was more about training us than training the dog.

Ian has provided us with all the skills necessary to have an obedient, calm and wonderful pet.  The whole experience has been if he'd only help us with the kids!!

Caroline T, Toorak