Sadie, Preston

Hi Ian,

Wanted to thank you for sending Dale the human whisperer to train my family... I mean our new groodle puppy Sadie ;)

He was kind, very knowledgeable, professional and gave us all (including Sadie) easy practical lessons. Within 30 seconds he had taught her to stop nipping our young children.

He taught us how to stop her eating shoes, blankets and clothes. He helped to relocate the toilet stop from our expensive carpet to the back fence. Showed us how to make her sit, stay (for any period of time) and not jump up at us or the doors. He untrained us on the things we had been incorrectly advised and gave us all confidence and the tools to ensure that Sadie would be well behaved around us, our visitors and where ever we visit.

The session was fun, insightful and delivered instant results.

We were all very impressed and to thank Dale for his help! Happy for this to be added to you testimonials section.

Kind regards, Meg, Preston