Samson, Caulfield

To all that are looking for a well-trained dog to be part of their family we would have no hesitation in recommending Ian Bradnock. Soon after we decided to bring a dog (60-70kg) Black Russian Terrier into our family it was important that we understood the fundamentals of having such a big dog as a family pet. This is the first time that we have owned a dog and was anxious to say the least especially after everyone kept telling us that a dog will ruin your home.

After visiting friends with a Samoyed, we were very impressed with how obedient their dog was and it inspired us to contact their trainer to train us.

We booked our first session with Ian, two days after we brought home this cute little puppy. Ian very quickly gave us an insight and sound advice on how this cute little puppy could turn into a destructive menace or alternatively he could be the perfect family pet.

When Ian visited he explained how to house train the dog, prevent separation anxieties, correct feeding habits, and how to stop digging in the garden, he quickly dispelled common myths.

From the outset Ian explained to us if we put the effort in, people would complement us on the behaviour of our dog. Thankfully, today the dog receives lots of praise for his good behaviour and he is a welcome addition to our family.

We cannot thank Ian enough, as he taught us the skills necessary to train and manage our dog and would recommend him to anyone considering the addition of a dog of any size into their family.

Finally in relation to the cost we were initially concerned by the expense however by comparison, friends with untrained dogs have had their property destroyed and have spent thousand repairing their home and in some cases have given away their dog because it was not trained. It would have been very different if they called Ian.

Today we sit here with love and admiration for our Black Russian Terrier Samson.

Thank you Ian!

Michelle & Daniel Liberman