Tash, Balwyn

Our Kelpie, Tash - ever had a dog who manages to hang from the wooden window frame with her teeth while both front legs go at a million miles an hour scraping the window because another dog has walked past the house?  As you can imagine there isn't much window frame left in our bedroom, it has been chewed off in large chunks and the neighbours regularly stop out the front to watch this spectacle!  Of course, this only aggravates the matter.  Not only does she bark at other dogs, she barks at anyone who walks past.  Then when we are out walking, she wants to go every dog she sees.

At our wits end, we contacted Ian who came highly recommended by a friend.  After one lesson we have a new dog!  5 days later, Tash hasn't barked at any dog or person walking past nor has she been near the window.

It's a miracle!!!

I can't recommend Ian highly enough, his expertise in dealing with dog behaviour has turned our dog around from being aggressive, destructive and not listening to anything we said to a placid dog that doesn't bark 24/7 and is a pleasure to have around.

Ian has a lovely way with dogs and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who has a dog who is misbehaving.

Thank you so much Ian.