Tonka, Mordialloc

Ian was recommended to us independently by several very happy clients. We had just replaced our first family pet, a Hungarian Visla with a new pup and wanted to achieve a higher level of control and management second time around.

Ian's visit was a revelation. Ian quickly exploded the myths. Ian explained why his primary goal in training is to ensure the dog does not dominate the owner's life, but behaves sensibly according to your needs and normal social expectations.

The training is very enjoyable and entertaining for the owners and Tonka just loves Ian, looking up into his eyes with adoring respect - truly amazing empathy.

Our conclusion is you should do exactly as Ian tells and shows you, then you will have a model dog. Anything less is your fault (not the dog's) and is due to not following instructions or not putting in enough time.

We have now referred Ian onto others and they too are delighted with the experience and outcomes.

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