Zippy, Brunswick

I was so happy with Ian's work with Zippy today!

Zippy (whippet cross) had been barking all day while I was at work for weeks on end when I contacted Ian The Dog Trainer on the recommendation of a friend. Zippy is quite an old dog (12+) and has had separation anxiety problems ever since we adopted him from Animal Liberatoin. These problems had worsened due to a family member moving out of the home and taking with him the two cats Zippy had previously had for company during the day.  Deteriorating eyesight and hearing had made Zippy more nervous and prone to anti-social behaviour.

I was reluctantly considering having Zippy put down, as we live in high density housing and received a number of complaints from neighbours and pressure from the Body Corporate to deal with the problem.

Ian helped me to understand the causes of the problem and how Zippy could be trained to gain confidence when spending time at home alone.  With consistent management of the behaviour the barking ceased within the hour of Ian's visit, hopefully never to return.

I believe Zippy is a happier dog since Ian's visit, and I know I am certainly a happier dog owner. I gladly recommend Ian and Ian The Dog Trainer to anyone, no matter how old or unresponsive to training you may think your dog is.